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Scrapbooking is an art that you can personalize in whatever way you like best. This means that you can add in beadwork, cross stitch, die cuts, geometric designs and anything else that you might fancy. But this means that if you want to practice scrapbooking you also need to have all the art supplies that are required to create these embellishments.

A sketch book can come in handy when you want to just put down your thoughts about how a particular page will look like before you start creating it on the actual scrapbook page. A calligraphy set will help you create an endless style of creating titles and writing in your comments about each page or item. Drawing and painting supplies are also a must if you want to create the greatest scrapbook ever. These could include water colors, water color brushes, oil paints, pastels, markers, artist pencils and more. You can also use polymer clay to create some special pages that you want to frame.

A toolkit that helps you create memories should include tag makers, paper piercers, hammer, craft knife, punchers, clips, regular and curved scissors, colored staples and more. With a kit such as this you can create any kind of thing that you want to in your scrap book. An interesting tool is the die cutter or the scrapbooking paper puncher that allows you to cut paper in a variety of ways and styles. While there are some that allow for only borders to be punched, there are some that will help you get a wide variety of designs to flip over for.



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