What is digital scrapbooking?

Digital scrapbooking is a different kind of scrapbooking that is becoming popular in this paperless world. The advent of scanners, page payout programs, printing options and easily available desktop publishing software has made digital scrapbooking a great success. This is something that has also become a necessity for some because most of the photographs that we use these days are digital in nature.

The concept of digital scrapbooking is the same as regular scrapbooking except for the fact that there is no paper that is used. All the embellishments and creations are digital in nature. While some people who practice regular scrapbooking feel that digital scrapbooking takes away from the artwork and the creativity, those who prefer digital scrapbooking claim that it is more environmentally friendly, is cheaper and allows you to upload completed pages on to the Internet or the computer far quicker than regular pages. It also allows you to share your scrapbook with people whom you would like to show it to who live far away.

To be able to practice digital scrapbooking you will need to have some kind of understanding of the manner in which desktop publishing tools are used. You can use any of the tools like photoshop, page maker and more to create the designs that you want to, add in the test, scan in the photographs and then create pages that can be added to your digital scrapbook.

It is ironic that some people create these digital scrapbooks only to then take print outs of the entire scrapbook and then bind it in a binder or a folder that is embellished with hand.



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