Scrapbooking Tools and Supplies

Just like the hobby itself, the materials required for scrapbooking are extremely subjective and flexible. You can choose to create your scrapbook in any way that you choose. Some like to use loose sheets of colored r handmade paper for each page and insert it in a cover that they have created themselves. On the other hand some others prefer to get a readymade scrapbook to start with so that they can get on with the creation of memories right from the word 'go'.

Irrespective of the option that you choose there will always be the need for some tools like scissors, a glue stick, thread and needles (yes you can sew on handmade paper and create patterns if you like) and supplies like ribbons, sequins, stickers, beads, die cuts and more. In addition to that you also need to have the memories that you want to add into the scrapbook in an organized manner.

Types of scrapbooks

The most essential item that you need to have if you want to start scrapbooking is a scrapbook, of course. While people chose to create this on their own in the earlier days, the options that exist in the market make it difficult to resist picking one up directly from the shelf. The variety that is present is also so diverse that you are sure to find what you like without having to go through to...


Embellishment box for scrapbooking

The more decorative you make your scrapbook the more beautiful it will look. Almost everyone that creates a scrapbook tends to replicate their personality on to the scrapbook in some manner or another. So while some people like to use geometrical designs there are others that line their scrapbooks with ribbons and sequins. The embellishments that you can use on your scrapbook are limitless. Some...


Art supplies

Scrapbooking is an art that you can personalize in whatever way you like best. This means that you can add in beadwork, cross stitch, die cuts, geometric designs and anything else that you might fancy. But this means that if you want to practice scrapbooking you also need to have all the art supplies that are required to create these embellishments. A sketch book can come in handy when you want...


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