Scrapbooking FAQs

Honestly, there should be no question that you should ever need to ask about scrapbooking. This is because the whole idea of scrapbooking is to create something that is a reflection of your thoughts, feelings, ideas and life. No one should be telling you that you should not use pink as the color that you want to use for scrapbooking. So while the decorations, colors, embellishments and other such aspects are completely your preference there are some aspects of the scrapbooking that can help you preserve your memories for later.

In addition to that there are some tips that can help you organize the hobby in a better manner so that you can enjoy the process to a larger extent. And then there are always innovative tools like the embosser, the die cutter, the sticker maker, the stencil maker and the caption maker that can help you in the process of scrapbooking.

How can you attach buttons on your scrapbooking?

Beautiful buttons can be used to embellish scrapbooks in an extremely easy manner. However, the specific methods that various people use are different and each of them is worth mentioning here. Buttons are a very popular embellishment among those who have scrapbooking as a hobby and for some reason you shall always find a large number of buttons in the scrapbook crafts shop. Some of them have tw...


What are some of the common terms used in scrapbooking?

The scrapbooking industry has grown immensely in the last decade. It is estimated that more than 4 million women in the United States consider themselves to be scrapbookers. While the years between 2006 and 200 have seen a decline in traditional scrapbooking a parallel increase is being observed in the area of digital scrapbooking. When you create your scrapbook and want to share it with others...


What is digital scrapbooking?

Digital scrapbooking is a different kind of scrapbooking that is becoming popular in this paperless world. The advent of scanners, page payout programs, printing options and easily available desktop publishing software has made digital scrapbooking a great success. This is something that has also become a necessity for some because most of the photographs that we use these days are digital in na...


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