How can you attach buttons on your scrapbooking?

Beautiful buttons can be used to embellish scrapbooks in an extremely easy manner. However, the specific methods that various people use are different and each of them is worth mentioning here. Buttons are a very popular embellishment among those who have scrapbooking as a hobby and for some reason you shall always find a large number of buttons in the scrapbook crafts shop. Some of them have two holes and then there are others that have four holes just like the regular buttons.

The manner in which you choose to attach them on your scrapbook page depends on your choice. However, you should make this decision based on what you are planning to do with the rest of the page and the specific style of the button itself. In essence the overall look and feel of the page needs to be taken into consideration.

Some people just sew buttons on a scrapbook page in the same manner as they would sew it on cloth. This is almost always possible because the scrapbook pages that we use today are thick paper that can take a few stitches. If you use this option you can actually use colorful yarn or thread to add to the esthetics of the page too.

At other times you can use some quick drying glue and just add a drop of the glue on to the button before sticking it on the page. Craft glue can always be used as can glue dots for this purpose. Just make sure that the glue does not ooze out of the holes that are present on the buttons.



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