How to create scrapbook page titles

Scrapbooking is something that people generally use to express themselves in some ways. It is always a great thing when you can show your scrapbook to some of your friends or someone in your family. If you want the person looking at your scrapbook page to understand what is really going on, you should title the page in an appropriate manner.

While there is the question of what the title content should be, there is also the manner in which you will represent it. The title on the page can be a simple title describing the contents of the page. So you could have 'Special 13th birthday' or 'trip to Spain' as the title of the page. On the other hand you can also have titles that are funny or inspiring so that you can always go back to them and feel motivated or happy.

The most simples of ways in which you can have a title appear on a page is to have it right across in the middle of the page on top. You can cut out stencil and paste it on top or you could just write out your title in a calligraphic manner. Letter stickers are a good way in which you can create titles too. Just make sure that you have all the letters that you need before you start sticking. However, if you do get stuck there is nothing stopping you from alternating a letter sticker with a written sticker or just adding one hand written letter too.



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