Types of scrapbooks

The most essential item that you need to have if you want to start scrapbooking is a scrapbook, of course. While people chose to create this on their own in the earlier days, the options that exist in the market make it difficult to resist picking one up directly from the shelf. The variety that is present is also so diverse that you are sure to find what you like without having to go through too much trouble. While selecting the scrapbook that you are picking up, do make sure that you think about the size of the scrapbook and the style that you are looking for.

There are essentially 5 categories of scrapbook styles and these are defined based on the manner in which they are bound. The post bound album has machine screws and posts that are used to bind the book. There are holes punched in the page protectors so that they can be held in place. The good thing is that you can simply slide a couple of pages in these page protectors to create a double sided page and you can always move the pages around with the least inconvenience.

A 3 ring album is similar to a post bound except for the fact that the pages protectors are held in place with a 3 ring and not posts. The strap hinge style of scrapbooks has staples on the edges of the page. The created pages can be slipped into the staples to keep the page in place. Page protectors need to be slipped in on top of the page in order to protect the pages.



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