What are some of the common terms used in scrapbooking?

The scrapbooking industry has grown immensely in the last decade. It is estimated that more than 4 million women in the United States consider themselves to be scrapbookers. While the years between 2006 and 200 have seen a decline in traditional scrapbooking a parallel increase is being observed in the area of digital scrapbooking. When you create your scrapbook and want to share it with others you should also be prepared to converse in 'scrapbook language'.

Anything that is worth putting into the scrapbook is called 'scrapworthy'. This could be an embellishment, a photograph, a comment made by someone about you, a small note that someone passed across to you in a class, the wrapper of a first chocolate from your first heartthrob, a lock of hair from the first haircut or anything that you personally would like to preserve as a memory.

Memorabilia is a term that is used for anything that helps create a memory. These could be ticket stubs from the first movie show with your first crush, the results of you're A levels, invitations to a special party and more.

Embellishments are the material that is used to decorate the scrapbook. These could be cut outs, ribbons, beads, die cuts, stickers, sketches, brads, charms, eyelets, artificial flowers, pressed flowers and more.

Fait-booking is a term that refers to a sub category of scrapbooking where people preserve feelings, prayers, memories and events related to the faith. These scrapbooks are relatively more emotional and sentimental and are almost always associated with pouring out ones heart.

Design teams is the name given to groups that have formed over the Internet or offline that come together to create design ideas for scrapbooking.



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